Wave Energy Technology ‘Meet the Buyer’

Marine Event


This Wave Energy Technology ‘Meet the Buyer’ event will shine a spotlight on the development of AMOG Ltd’s innovative Wave Energy Converter Concept which is being assembled and tested in Cornwall with the aid of Marine-i funding.

The 1/3rd scale device is to be tested at the Falmouth Bay test site in summer 2019, following testing at COAST laboratory (at University of Plymouth) and fabrication within the Cornwall Marine Enterprise zone.

This workshop will cover some of the challenges faced in the development of this unique marine technology, demonstrating lessons learned and opening discussion amongst industry members to overcome limitations in innovation and highlight commercial opportunities.

Businesses, funders and operators within the marine industry are invited to hear about the development of AMOG’s wave energy converter as well as the South West marine facility and funding environment. The event aims to engage businesses with opportunities in the marine sector and offers a direct opportunity to be invited to tender for assembly, deployment, operations and maintenance work on this wave energy device.


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