Sprint for space

Space technology and data has huge potential for commercial use. How can your business exploit these opportunities for growth?

SPRINT (Space Research and Innovation Network for Technology) is a space sector high-growth programme for SMEs to:

  • Innovate and develop technologies for the space sector.
  • Enter the growing space sector with existing and new products.
  • Use technologies or data from space to innovate products for your market.

How can you benefit?

Sprint gives funded access to the expertise and equipment of leading UK universities to support your new product and market programmes. It will support 150 projects over three years starting in April 2018. It will be delivered by five universities: Leicester; Open University, Southampton, Surrey and Edinburgh and can support businesses across the UK.

Projects can include:

  • Materials and equipment for any aspect of the sector supply chain.
  • Satellite sensor systems.
  • Innovative processing and visualisation of satellite -derived data.
  • Application of satellite-derived data in ANY industry or sector.
  • Proof of concept studies.
  • Exploring entry to the space sector.

Did you Know?

  • Growing plants in a spacecraft led to devices that eliminated bacteria, viruses and moulds from air, surfaces and even laundry.
  • Satellites help pinpoint the optimum sites for hydro-electric turbines.
  • Space technology is used in hi-tech medical diagnostic equipment.
  • NASA helped a company develop a kiln to turn waste plastic into petroleum products.
  • GPS is crucial to development of autonomous vehicles.
  • Technology from astronauts suits has helped women suffering from postpartum haemorrhage.

SPRINT programme general enquiries:

William Wells

e: ww88@le.ac.uk

t: 0116 223 1376