Workshop : Current Challenges in Offshore Asset and Risk management


National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

The South Coast Centre for Satellite Applications together with Marine South East will be hosting this event taking place on 27th June 2018, at the NOC in Southampton.

Capabilities in autonomous systems and satellite applications are advancing rapidly and offer potential for improved cost-effectiveness in managing offshore assets and expanding functionality as assets move further offshore.

These trends have been explored and evidenced in previous events hosted by the South Coast Centre of Excellence. Now the intention is to focus on specific innovation targets and funding opportunities to realise these advances.

A wide variety of current challenges to offshore asset and risk management have been identified, including:

* Optimising maintenance scheduling to minimise maintenance costs and unplanned failures;
* Improving marine operations to enhance utilisation of vessel fleets and offshore service personnel
* Enhanced risk identification (eg weather risk, seas state, scour damage, oil spill, algal bloom) and characterisation to optimise remediation options and evidence decision-making.

In parallel, there is ongoing advancement in key enabling technologies that could, singly or in combination, be exploited in novel solutions to these challenges.

These include:
* Extended capabilities in remote sensing of surface contaminants and sea conditions, using a variety of sensing approaches (such as reflectometry) and satellite options (such as low-cost nanosats)
* Improved functionality of surface and underwater autonomous vehicles and their sensing systems, including advanced communications (through water and satellite)

* Advanced data analytics to generate high added-value to collected data, including model fusion to drive new risk forecasting approaches.

Participants will be in position to partner in projects that secure investment to pilot these novel solutions.
If you are interested in attending this event please register; there are limited places available