Space Industry Act: UK Government response

On behalf of the UK Space Agency:

As you may be aware, the Government issued a call for evidence on 27 March 2018 to seek views on the liabilities, insurance and charging provisions of the Space Industry Act.


We would like to inform you that we have now issued the Government response to the call for evidence, which can be found at the following link


Furthermore, we have also updated the UK Space Agency’s website with information in order to help potential applicants who may wish to apply for a spaceport, range or launch licence under the Act.  This includes a document entitled “Understanding the SIA” which explains the provisions of the Act in further detail.  A short, easy-to-understand animation explaining the licensing process has also been developed, which will be shared on the UK Space Agency’s website and social channels. We have also published a report called “Spaceports: keeping people safe”.  This outlines some key existing health and safety legal requirements that may need to be implemented by a spaceport to minimise the risks to populations nearby from the storage and use of hazardous fuels.  This document also outlines a way that the risks to people near the launch and the spacecraft flight path could be assessed to make sure that a spaceport location is acceptable when considering public safety. The links to these documents are set out below:


Ahead of formal consultation on draft regulations and associated guidance, the UK Space Agency, Department for Transport and Civil Aviation Authority have begun a programme of plenary events to engage with the sector on the development of new legislation and future regulation under the new Act.  So far this year, the Agency has hosted two events on risk, a key part of the UK legislative framework to assure safety, and, going forward, plans to cover other issues such as environmental aspects and liabilities.  In addition, we are actively seeking feedback from industry on what other areas it would be helpful to discuss.


As part of our wider activity to strengthen engagement with industry, we are also looking to initiate a regular Industry Forum. This will be an open forum and provide us with a mechanism through which we can update industry on key programme developments and forthcoming opportunities. We intend that this forum will complement the plenary sessions, and also be supported by a regular spaceflight programme e-newsletter.


We will continue to engage with you as the development of secondary legislation and guidance to support the Space Industry Act continues.