North East Smart Ports Testbed

NE Sat Apps Ports Testbed event

The North East Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence invites ideas for innovative digital and satellite-data driven solutions to challenges at five North East ports:

i). Solutions to boost tourism and foster closer cooperation between the Port of Berwick and Berwick-upon-Tweed.

ii). Solutions to increase energy efficiency, reduce waste, promote low carbon alternatives, cut carbon emissions, minimise the port’s carbon footprint and renewable energy schemes at the Port of Blyth.

iii). Solutions to enable closer cooperation with port users and boost sustainable practices at the Port of Sunderland.

iv). Solutions to increase efficiency in cargo handling, cargo security, logistics and warehousing and increase speed of transfer of cargo from vessels to supply chains at Teesport and Port of Tyne.

Ideas could include IoT and sensor devices, EO, blockchain, apps and data-sharing, smart modelling, digital twins and digital dashboards, AI, smart weather data and navigation systems and anything else that might be useful.

10.00 Coffee and welcome

10.15 Context

10.20 Ports presentations

11.00 Discussion, Q&As, coffee refresh

11.30 Universities and companies showcases

12.30 Lunch

13.00 One to one discussions