James Brokenshire announces locations of UK’s first Manufacturing Zones in the East Midlands

Credit: University of Leicester

Four projects, involved in the space industry, food sector, and the development of HS2, will form the new and innovative East Midlands Manufacturing Zones.

Low-Cost Access to Space – £50,000

The funding will support the design of the Low-Cost Access to Space facility, part of the planned Space Park Leicester, to ensure it is attractive and accessible to space focussed manufacturers in the area and meets their business needs.

The UK has a powerful innovative and growing Space sector with a turnover of £11.8 billion and GDP of £5.1 billion annually, forecast to be worth £40 billion by 2030. The government recognises that Space is both a strategic asset and an enormous opportunity and is targeting growth to share in the £400 billion global market from 6.5% to 10% by 2030 – a growth which will create and sustain an estimated 100,000 new jobs.

Manufacturing Zone status will build on The Space Park Leicester’s Enterprise Zone and Space-based Science Park status.

Press release https://www.gov.uk/government/news/james-brokenshire-announces-locations-of-uks-first-manufacturing-zones-in-the-east-midlands